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Beach House Classes


for classes online and browse other class offerings throughout Santa Monica at Reserve Santa Monica.
Never registered for classes online before? Click "Create a New Account" on the Reserve Santa Monica home page to begin. 


Yoga in the Sand & Sea

All levels are welcome. Experience the benefit of classical yoga encompassing postures for flexibility, strength and balance, breathing practices to calm the nervous system, and guided relaxation to soothe the mind.

Parking included with full session registration. Drop-in students: please check in at Guest Services prior to class.  Classes may be held in different locations at the Beach House.  
Please see the below 'Class Information' section for more policies.

Monday, 9 - 10 am 
$74 per 6 week session or $15 per class.
Instructor: Cindy
9/22-10/27 - Register
11/3-12/15 (no class 11/24) - Register  

Wednesday, 9 - 10 am 
$62 per 5 week session or $15 per class.
Instructor: Cindy
9/10-10/8 - (no class 10/8) Register 
10/15-11/12 -   Register

Friday, 9 - 10 am 
$62 per 5 week session or $15 per class.
Instructor: Mike
9/12-10/10 - Register 
10/17-11/14 - Register  

Synchronized Swimming with the Aqualillies (Ages 14+)

Photo by Aaron Paley

Routine Workshop

A splash on the Hollywood pool party circuit, the dazzling water ballet company Aqualillies is offering synchronized swimming classes at the Annenberg Community Beach House. If you love being in the water, this is the most fun way to get in shape. Sign up for a session of six 75-minute lessons for $160.  You'll learn sculling techniques, back layouts, ballet legs, torpedoes, tuck turns, and marching. You'll set your new skills to music and have a great pool workout in a glamorous environment.  
Please note: A minimum number of registered participants is required for this class. Please see the 'Class Information' section above for more policies.

Sundays 9/7-10/12
$160 per six week session or $35 per class
Introduction 7:00pm - 8:15pm - Register
Intermediate 5:30pm - 6:45pm - Register 

Check out the 
NBC News segment featuring Aqualillies Synchronized Swimming!  


Sinjin Beach Volleyball - Youth (Ages 7-15 Co-Ed)

Youth Volleyball 
Learn the skills and strategies of Beach Volleyball and you can become King of the Beach! Learn the game with instructors and coaches with a passion for the game on one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Classes for players of all levels are available in a semi-private setting. Parking is included with full session registration.

Please note: A minimum number of registered participants is required for this class. Please see the 'Class Information' section below for more policies.

Tuesday, 4 - 5:30 pm
$72 per 4-week session or $18 per class
9/16-10/7 - Register
10/14-11/4 - Register

Thursday, 4 - 5:30 pm
$72 per 4-week session or $18 per class
9/11-10/2 - Register
10/9-10/30 - Register  



Sinjin Beach Volleyball - Adult Beginner (Ages 16+ Co-Ed) 


Beach Volleyball

The pros are passing on their winning knowledge, techniques and skills to players who want to be the best on the beach! Learn the skills and techniques that made Sinjin and Randy the most dominant team in beach volleyball history. Receive instruction from coaches who have personally trained with Sinjin to learn and understand his methods and philosophy of the game. Parking included with full session registration.

Please note: A minimum number of registered participants is required for this class.  Please see the 'Class Information' section below for more policies.

Classes are available in the Fall, Winter, and Spring at the Santa Monica Pier.  Check out available classes at Reserve Santa Monica under activities, keyword "Beach Volleyball".




Semi-Private Swim Lessons (Ages 3-13 1/2)

 Swim Lessons 


Swim classes are not available at the Beach House in the Fall and Winter.
Find more swim lessons at the Santa Monica Swim Center 

Ages are guidelines, please read the description of each class to determine skill level.  Classes consist of 4 sessions each.

Polliwog (Level 1: Ages 3-8) focus on building students' comfort and independence in the water. Skills taught include bubble blowing, retrieving submerged objects, front and back glides, front and back kicks and front and back floats. All skills are practiced with the support of an instructor. View available classes> 

Guppy (Level 2: Ages 3 1/2-8)
Primary Skills: Before entering this level children must feel comfortable submerging their face underwater as well as floating on their stomach & back with the help of an instructor. Skills taught include learning to float and recover to a standing position independently, glides, front & back arm motion, front & back flutter kick and an introduction to rhythmic breathing. View available classes> 

Minnow (Level 3: Ages 4-13 1/2)
Stroke Readiness: Participants must have mastered level 2 skills before entering this class. Children should be able to swim 5 yards on their front and back at the beginning of this course. This course will teach the combined stroke arm motion and rhythmic breathing, back crawl and elementary backstroke kick. Participants will develop confidence in the strokes learned thus far while instruction emphasizes alternate breathing and elementary backstroke. These skills are moving your child into the field of true aquatics. View available classes>

Fish (Level 4: Ages 4-13 1/2)
Stroke Development: By now students are truly swimming like fish and lessons will alternate between shallow and deep water. Students will improve their skills and increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes for greater distances. New skills include back stroke, butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, swimming under water and open turns. View available classes >

Please note: Swim classes will be reduced to 20 minutes of one-on-one instruction for classes with one student enrolled. Missed classes due to participant illness or absence cannot be made up.  *If a class is full, you may register online for the wait list. If a space becomes available, guests on the wait list will be notified by phone. 

Find more swim lessons at the Santa Monica Swim Center. 

During class times, parking is included for students registered for a full class session. Drop-in students must pay for parking. 

Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risk
A completed waiver is required to participate in each Beach House class. If the participant is under 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Dropping in for one class? You'll need to complete and sign this activity waiver for each class you attend. 

Registering for a full class session? Save time and register online - the waiver is included in the online registration process. If you prefer to register by mail, fax, or in person, you'll need to submit a completed registration form with your payment. 

Waivers and registration forms are also available at Guest Services. 

Minimum Enrollment
A minimum number of registered participants is required for some class sessions to be held. If there is low class enrollment on the first day of a class session, the class session may be canceled or students may be given the option to transfer to an equivalent class if available. In the event that the City cancels a class and transferring classes is not possible, participants will be refunded.


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