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The Beach House is another step forward in the City of Santa Monica's commitment to sustainability - it has been awarded a Gold LEED rating from the US Green Building Council.

The property at 415 Pacific Coast Highway underwent significant remediation as part of the construction of the Beach House. Hazardous materials were removed, including lead-based paint, asbestos insulation and wooden piles containing preservatives. Contaminants found in the soil, the historic Marion Davies Guest House and the swimming pool were removed, leaving a clean slate on which construction began.

Materials and Resources

The very fabric of the Beach House is sustainable, with post-consumer materials used in concrete, plastics, insulation and cabinetry. Building insulation uses post-consumer blue jeans instead of fiberglass. Decking is made of recycled plastic and building panels are made of recycled concrete. Low-emitting materials, paints, adhesives and sealants are used throughout the facility.

Water Efficiency

An underground water retention system captures 90% of urban runoff before it reaches the ocean. Native and drought-tolerant plants and trees are irrigated through a drip system that reduces water usage by 50%. The splash pad uses a closed treated water system. Additional water-saving devices include low flow shower heads, waterless urinals and dual flush toilets.

Energy & the Atmosphere

The Beach House runs on green, wind-generated power. Water for the pool and splash pad is heated by solar collectors on the roof of the Event House. Outdoor lighting throughout the facility and parking lots minimizes light pollution from the site. White roofing materials reduce heat gain from roofs and light-colored parking lot surfaces reduce stored heat in the pavement. In addition, new trees provide shade in the parking lot areas. Smart building systems control interior environments for efficient heating and cooling. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are free of CFC-based refrigerants, known to be harmful to the ozone layer.

Ongoing Efforts

The Annenberg Community Beach House and our selected caterers are committed to helping you minimize the environmental footprint of your Santa Monica meeting or event, starting with the facility itself.